Sand bags come in a variety of shapes and weights. They are used for securing the bases of light stands and set walls. Many have handles,for hanging on hooks or risers. Some have two wings, to allow draping over light stand legs. Most are cordura nylon, some are vinyl covered and waterproof.

Some models of sandbags are shipped empty, for convenience and economy. They can be filled with sand, or any type of weight you provide, and emptied for storage, or transport.


Some of the handiest tools to have on the set or in the studio. Use them for propping, leveling, standing or sitting. Nail wall plates to them to hold low angle lighting fixtures.

Precisely made, supported in the center, and dimensionally correct.We can manufacture in different shapes and sizes to suite our clients requirement and will be shipped right at their door step.



The C-stand is near-ubiquitous on motion picture sets because of its modular nature and versatility. Its primary purpose is to position various flags, color gels, bounce cards, and silks in front of light sources to block, direct, or modify the nature of the light. However, it can also be used to mount small lights and rig anything that can be made to fit on the stand.

We manufacture state of the art C-stands which can compete any other brand in the world.We manufacture in different sizes and quantities to suite our client's requirement.

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